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The Lounge Unlimited Orchestra is a studio project that was established in 2014; over the years it has used the collaboration of various important musicians; it has released more than 20 albums some revisiting famous standards in a Chill-Out key, and also unreleased albums.

The Milano Chill Five copia 2.jpg

The Milano Chill Five

Red Hot (2022)

I Can't Water My Plants (2022)

Poolmering_Paintbox 2.jpg


Quadrant 9 copia.jpg

Quadrant 9

No Prejudice (Only Lo-Fi Sound) (2022)

Sophisticated Lady (2023)

Paintbox (2024)

Free Spirts (2022)

All Of My Dreams (2023)

take control.jpg

Footprint 2

The Lines Of My Earth (2022)

Star's Son (2022)

Breaking Point (2023)

Movin' In (2023)

Take Control (2023)

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