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Iudy ok.jpg


Flexy ok.jpg


Deborah Kinley - Guerrilla.jpg

Deborah Kinley

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Gianni Riso

James Kahn ok.jpg

James Kahn


Beat Dance

Nite Lite.jpg

Nite Lite

Sand take yo copia.jpg

Barbara Sand

Robert Reds.jpg

Robert Reds

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Hallygally & Tuca Tuca ok.jpg

Hallygally & Tuca Tuca

Nord Est.jpg

Nord Est

SILENCE DEFF BARTIEE 3 def copia.jpg

Silence 2

Videovision ok.jpg


John John - Hey, Hey, Girl ok.jpg

John John


Ram Band

Anthony's Games ok.jpg

Anthony's Games

Model 11-29.jpg

Model 11-29

jump ok.jpg

The Jumpers

Arm - Number One.jpg






Den Harrow is the stage name of Stefano Zandri, an Italian dance and pop music singer known for his popularity in the 1980s. Den Harrow became famous in the 1980s as an icon of Italo Disco music and is known for his distinctive and mysterious look.

Joe Yellow is a studio project created in 1983 by Domenico Ricchini and producers Miki Chieregato and Roberto Turatti with the single "Lover to Lover."

Made in the heyday of Italo Disco; this production had sounds of the British new wave that at that moment in history was all the rage on the world charts.

Jock Hattle - Crazy Family, released in 1983, the golden age of Italo Disco; it was produced by the legendary duo Roberto Turatti and Miki Chieregato.

Stylóo is an Italo Disco group that with the single "Pretty Face" released and produced in 1983 by producers Miki Chieregato and Roberto Turatti; the group consisted of Rino Facchinetti (AKA Ryan'o) - vocals. programming, Tullio Colombo (AKA David Fabian) - vocals, guitars, keyboards, programming and Alberto Signorini (AKA Kid) - vocals, keyboards, programming

Giorgio Aldighieri aka George Aaron, is Italian singer, belonging to the Italo Disco genre of the 1980s (a decade during which he sold more than 10 million records worldwide), released "She's a Devil" in 1984, produced for Fly Music by Raff Todesco, Piero Fidelfatti and Mario Percali.

Time was the first record project released for Fly Music by Raff Todesco, Piero Fidelfatti and Mario Percali.

Valery Allington è una Vocalist americana, che ai tempi prestava servizio presso la locale base militare USA di Vicenza, Italia.

Ha realizzato 2 singoli “Stop” nel 1982 e Let’s Make it 1984.

Entrambe le produzione sono state realizzate da Maurizio Sangineto (Sangy).

Valery Allington is an American Vocalist, who at the time served at the local US military base in Vicenza, Italy.
She produced 2 singles "Stop" in 1982 and Let's Make it 1984.
Both productions were made by Maurizio Sangineto (Sangy).

Iudy – The Island Of The Sun (1983)

Flexx – Love Theme From Flexxy-Ball (You'll Never Change No More) (1983)

Deborah Kinley – Guerrilla (1983)

Gianni Riso famous radio DJ released in 1980 "Disco Shy" was a single produced and produced by Jacques Fred Petrus and Mauro Malavasi with the Goody Music Orchestra.

James Kahn – One Million Stars (1984)

Beat Dance – Smalltown Boy (1984)

Nite Lite – Baby Don't You Know (1984)

Barbara Sand – Take You (1986)

Robert Reds – Another Love In My Heart (1984)

C'Zar – I Remember (Look Me Baby) (1986)

Rizzo – Hot Desire (1988)

Hallygally & Tuca Tuca – Hey Little Mama (1984)

Nord Est – Overnight (1986)

SILENCE 2 feat Gordon Grody was Italo disco group produced by Jacques Fred Petrus, made with the collaboration of arranger Celso Valli and American singer Gordon Grody. The group has to its credit 2 abums "Goodtime Baby" 1982 and "The Beast In Me" 1984.

Videovision - Anybody (Raff Unreleased Version): initially this single was released in 1986, produced for Ra-Re Prod. by Raff Todesco and Mario Percali, starring Jimmy Mc Foy. Later producer Raff Todesco made versions that were never released. This production is also part of Italo Disco's golden age.

John John – Hey Hey Girl (1984)

Ram Band – Silent Smiles (1984)

Anthony's Games – Silent Smiles (1985)

Model 11-29 – Wot Times (1983)

The Jumpers - Rock And Roll Boogie, single released in 1980, produced by Jacques Fred Petrus and engineered by Marco Tansini

ARM – Number One (1986)

Presence – Help Me Mama (1984)

Visions - Everybody, single released in 1985, produced for Ram Prod. by Raff Todesco and Mario Percali, starring Jimmy Mc Foy.
It was a big Italo Disco hit throughout Europe, especially in France.

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